Green Screens

Green Screens is a regular video conference for students in Sydney Region who are interested in the environment and making their school more sustainable. It provides a regular meeting place to share successful environmental initiatives/strategies, discuss sustainability problems and provide solutions. It is also a way to deliver current sustainability education information to students and the school sustainability contact person, including information about forthcoming sustainability events, programs, green award programs, environmental grants etc.

Each Green Screens event runs for about 20-30 minutes around lunch time with presentations rotating from school to school. Each event is advertised to the SRC Coordinator and the School Sustainability Team Leader. The event coordinator organises the technology for the VC and Bridgit session that make up each Green Screen event. Each presenting school showcases aspects of their environmental initiatives and/or can provide an inspiring speaker etc. Each Green Screens event is coordinated by Observatory Hill EEC, however the responsibility for each presentation is up to the students (and coordinating teacher) in the presenting schools. Presenting schools should read the Presenter Tips. At the end of each Green Screen session, Observatory Hill EEC will deliver relevant sustainability education information, thank presenters and invite schools to present at the next event.

As we would like event participants to interact as much as possible, the number of participating schools is limited to eight. Participating schools may however invite as many students as they like to attend each event. School participation will be on a first come first served basis.

To register to be part of a Green Screen event, please email Observatory Hill EEC on [email protected]

You will be notified about your inclusion in the event.

Next 2013 Green Screen Video Conference and Bridgit Session Details

Date: Tuesday 21st May Term 2 2013
Time: 12.30 – 1.00
VMR No: 5156028
Bridgit Session: greenscreens
Password: greenscreens

View past student presentations (if available) by clicking their link below

Term Three 2012

  1. Thursday 2nd Aug 2012  – Blakehurst High School & Fort St High School.
  2. Thurday 6th Sep 2012 – Balmain Secondary College and Sydney Girls High School (SGHS Environment Group Wikispace)

Term 4 2012

  1. Thursday 1st Nov 1 -1.30 – Menai High School & Engadine HS
  2. Monday 26th Dec 1 – 1.30 Penshurst Girls High School & Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

VC and Bridgit technology

Each NSW DEC school has Video Conferencing facilities that enable students and teachers to communicate remotely with each other. All you need to know is the event time and the event coordinators virtual meeting room (VMR) number. If you are unsure about how to use this equipment contact your school technology coordinator. Depending on staff availability, Greenscreen presenting schools may be able to practice their presentations (and how to use the technology) with Observatory Hill EEC before the event.

Bridgit is a computer application that allows schools to view and share content using their interactive white boards. The application is available through the DEC portal under Applications. To join a bridgit session you need to know the name of the session and the session password. Once you run Bridgit, you select the session name from the drop down menu and type in the session password. You will then be able to see the presentations as well as being able to watch the presenters through the video conferencing facilities.

Sustainability support for student leaders

  • Lets improve – make the move! – An SRC brochure on how to start school environmental projects
  • Enviro Inspiro competition – A NSW SRC competition for student teams from NSW public schools. teams create a 5 minute DVD and a 2 page report to showcase their successful student-led environmental project. Student teams can win one of three major school ‘prizes’ valued up to $3,000. The competition is a great way for students to engage with their local community in meaningful learning experiences to improve the environment.

History of YEN

The Sydney Region Youth Environment Network was developed in 2007.

Its aims are to:

  1. Strengthen existing environmental clubs/networks that may already be established in schools
  2. Present youth perspectives to adults and decision makers
  3. Encourage young people to take leadership initiatives for ecological outcomes
  4. Undertake a mentoring support role with local primary schools through a learning community focus on good proactive in ecological sustainability
  5. Contribute to regional and state initiatives for ecological sustainability.

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