Water Wiseguys Title

– a project based learning program for Stage 3, focussed on devising the school water efficiency plan 


This project based learning program focuses on a Stage 3 class undertaking a 4-6 week water efficiency plan, delivered to the whole school community to reduce water wastage and to manage stormwater. This hands on project helps students gain an understanding of the need to use water wisely and the operation of the natural and managed water cycle.

The development of a water efficiency and stormwater management plan is a key feature of the program. The plan is implemented by students using a Science and Technology design brief, and requires the class and teacher to work on the project in the weeks following the launch day. Class teams involved in developing the water efficiency plan will be supported with lead in tasks, resources and hands on activities to enhance student outcomes.

Each team targets a particular area in an integrated approach to engaging the whole school to take the journey with them. The overall outcome is to embed greater commitment to sustainability within the culture of the entire school. Strategies employed by the teams include scientific investigation, collection and analysis of data, report writing, auditing, surveys, monitoring, drama, marketing and communication skills. These activities all contribute to knowledge, skills and understanding of specific content around water efficiency in a variety of KLAs.

Program aims:

  • to investigate the school and local environment to develop knowledge, skills and understanding about the natural and built environments.
  • to create opportunities to demonstrate how students actions can help to improve the environmental quality of the school and local environment.
  • to engage students in authentic learning through a project based approach to addressing sustainability issues around water within the school.
  • to use a collaborative learning, problem solving and critical thinking approach to produce the school’s water efficiency plan. 

Curriculum context:

Water Wiseguys supports the Sustainability Education and Management Policy objectives of fostering students understanding of the environment as an integrated system, and fostering values and attitudes in students that result in behaviour change for a more sustainable school and home environment. The program also supports the COGS Units Local Environments, Physical Phenomenon and Living Land.

Program in Action

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes

Students will:

Your classroom 1. Pre-visit activities

Students will be introduced to the main themes of the water Wiseguys program. A presentation will be shown about why water is important and how it is used in Sydney

be introduced to the Water Wiseguys program to understand the importance of water in the natural and human environment and the need to manage this resource effectively  image-81728
Your classroom 2. Introduction

Introduction and recap on aims of the program

become familiar with the two aims of the program – managing water wastage and stormwater
Your classroom 3. Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Powerpoint/multiple choice interactive game on water

increase their understanding of the key concepts and terminology associated with efficiently managing water use and minimising water wastage  image-81732
Your classroom 4. Water Workout

A game to match appliance use with water consumption

identify devices and actions which use different amounts of water.

make informed choices about the use of different water devices and the effects of individual actions on water wastage

Around your school 5. Random water audit

A random water audit by teams all teams to understand what an audit is and how to do one

conduct an investigation, make judgements based on the results and draw conclusions to inform planning  image-81745
Around your school 6. Pollution solution

Students identify common sources of water pollution

identify common sources of water pollution and make suggestions about alternative actions to prevent pollution of local waterways  image-81752
Your classroom Either A – Crisis in the catchment (for schools with no accessible waterway)

Students learn about catchments by undertaking an activity based on a hypothetical  catchment

understand the importance of managing water in a catchment to ensure clean environments  image-81757
Local waterway or B – local waterway health check (for schools with an accessible waterway)

Students learn about catchments by visiting a local waterway to assess its health.

understand the importance of managing water in a catchment to ensure clean environments  image-81765
Design Brief and team planning

Teams begin devising ideas and strategies to implement their part of the schools water efficiency plan

Team Name Role/Responsibility
Drop Cops


Water device monitoring/audit team. Main role is to set up reporting system to allow the whole school to assist in reporting leaks. Set up a roster to regularly check the school water meter.  image-81773
Bill Busters Water bill monitoring team. Collect school’s water bills and set up a database to report on consumption. Also set up a Blod ED to promote the progress of each of the Water Wiseguys teams.  image-81779
Water Wizards Marketing/Media team. Devise clever strategies to motivate the school to support the Water Wiseguys project.  image-81784
Water Challengers Visual communications team. Set up a display on water as a precious resource and the Water Wiseguys project in a high traffic location to promote the project to the whole school community (eg the library, school foyer).  image-81790
Drama Dudes Performance team. Use different forms of drama to engage the school in water efficiency behaviour eg skit, rap, rhyme, song or mime.  image-81795
Catchment Crusaders Stormwater management team. Focus on strategies to inform the school about keeping local waterways clean by reducing stormwater pollution (big focus on litter in the playground). Collating litter survey from other classes. Survey and record on a map all the school’s stormwater drains – spray and environmental message on drains.  image-81802

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