An integrated Science & Technology, Geography and Sustainability Education project for Stage 3 students to celebrate World Environment Week

Grime Scene Investigation is a science based project involving one to two scientific teams from your school investigating the estuary of the Georges River at Sans Souci. The project is based on a scenario where the scientific team/s work as an environmental consultancy team to investigate the waterway and prepare a State of the Environment Report for the fictitious Bay City Council.

The curriculum content is based on Quality Teaching principles and will support student outcomes in Science and Technology and Geography. The project targets talented students who are assigned scientific roles to undertake web-based research in preparation for their fieldwork tasks.

The scientific investigation team has five roles – Ecologist, Biologist, Microbiologist, Water Quality Chemist and Environmental Scientist. On the fieldwork day the students complete all the activities together as a team.

Program details:

When Either Monday 4th OR Tuesday 5th June (during World Environment Week)
Where Sans Souci Park, Georges River
Time 8.40 am – 2.30 pm
Who can apply Stage 3 teachers with up to two teams of talented students (5 scientists in each team)
Cost $50 per team non-refundable and payable in advance (please do not send cheques until confirmed)
Closing date  Friday 25th May
How to apply GSI flyers will be sent to all Sydney Region schools before the event. Complete and return the GSI application attached to it and you will be contacted and receive a teachers pack (including program information) and a fax back to supply us with team and student names.
More information Ph: 9247 7321

Program Format:

Grime Scene Investigation involves students in:

1 Completing a planned set of pre-visit tasks
2 Fieldwork in Sans Souci Park
3 Preparing follow up presentations/scientific reports about their fieldwork/research

1 Pre-visit activities:

a. View the Pre visit presentation for students and teachers.

b. Students complete the GSI Webquest tasks. It would be appreciated if teachers guide the students through the tasks. Please note this investigation is based on a Sydney Harbour case study however the activities/content is similar to Botany Bay.

c. Additional information about the estuarine environment of Georges River/Botany Bay is found at Underwater Sydney.

2 Fieldwork activities

The scientific team/s will be engaged in a series of hands-on activities on the fieldwork day including:

  • undertaking a cruise on the Georges River to observe land uses and associated environmental issues/impacts
  • viewing and identifying types of plankton (collected en route and prepared by teachers) using a microscope projection
  • testing water quality
  • observing and studying adaptations and interrelationships of estuarine species commonly found in estuaries
  • conducting a transect of beach litter and marine debris

3 Follow Up Activities:

Teams will complete their reports/presentations for the fictitious Bay City Council. It is hoped that teams will use the report to share their experience with other Stage 3 students.

Project Preparation 

Download a copy of the GSI Safety and Welfare information for your Risk Assessment documentation.

Examples of past student follow-up presentations:

McCallums Hill PS.pdf
Peakhurst West PS.pdf

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