HeadingStudent Pre-Visit and Follow-Up Activities

Pre-Visit activities:

Complete the following activities in your workbook before your fieldwork date. These activities will help prepare you for your fieldwork.

1. What is a Geographic issue? – An area of concern that arises due to changes in environments, and which can be investigated in spatial and ecological dimensions.

2. What is a Stakeholder? – a person, group or organisation with an interest in a project

3. Read the newspaper article Designers Designers Barangaroo Bombshell about an urban growth issue and answer the questions in your workbook.

4. View the list of Geography Terms and write the eight definitions required in your workbook. You will need to know these for your excursion.

5. View the  following websites of key Sydney Harbour foreshore stakeholders and describe their main interest in the land around the foreshore. This is usually found in the ‘About Us‘ section of their website.

6. What is the main aim of the Sharing Sydney Harbour Regional Action Plan?

7. Read a case study about changes in landuse at Barangaroo on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour.

Follow up activities:

A. Answer the fieldwork question – “Describe issues related to changes in landuse along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour, including the key stakeholders, any urban processes involved and how they might be solved”

Pressure Point Resources for your follow up report

  1. Barangaroo South – Link or Youtube film clip – The beauty of Barangaroo
  2. Overseas Passenger Terminal relocation to Balmain – Link 
  3. Sydney Harbour Dioxin Contamination – Link 
  4. Headland Park – Link 
  5. Sydney Harbour Bridge Repainting Link 
  6. Millers Point Public Housing – Youtube film clip – Who is Millers Point
  7. Barangaroo Reserve’s First Birthday –  time line of development – Link

B. Use the Research Action Plan Scaffold to study a local issue in your local area.

C. View student blogs on Urban Growth and Decline from Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus. Students have used DER laptops and social media tools to document their field studies. (Thanks to Russell Darnley, HSIE teacher SSC Leichhardt Campus)

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