This program focuses on the Stage 6 Geography topic ‘People and Economic Activity’ and involves:

  1. An Introductory Presentation at the Observatory Hill EEC on the global tourism industry including an explanation of the factors which explain the location, spatial patterns and future directions of the industry
  2. A study tour of a CBD hotel to examine:
    • the nature of the enterprise
    • it’s locational factors and ecological dimensions
    • internal and external linkages and flows of people, goods services and ideas within the hotel
    • the impact of global changes on the hotels operations
  3. Conducting market research on tourists in The Rocks area to consolidate understanding of fieldwork methodologies.

Risk Assessment Pro Forma – Tourism

Pre-visit Activities

Assessment Tasks

Tourism Statistics

Contributions to GDP as a % Share

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Fieldwork in Action
Observatory Hill EEC 1. Introduction to program. 

Students will view an introductory presentation (including video study) on global tourism and undertake a group work activity related to linkages and flows of people, goods, services and ideas within a hotel.

Understand the nature of the global tourism industry.

Identify factors explaining the nature, spatial patterns and future directions of the industry. Identify the social economic and environmental impacts of tourism.

Understand linkages and flows of people, goods, services and ideas.

A CBD hotel. Hotel to be allocated upon booking fieldwork 2. A study of an economic enterprise (hotel) within the tourist industry

Undertake a comprehensive study of a hotel including the nature of the hotel, factors affecting its operations, internal and external linkages at a variety of scales and the impacts of global tourism trends on the hotel’s operations.

Describe interactions between the factors effecting its operations.

Identify issues that arise from these interactions.

Understand the relevance of geographic understanding to particular vocations

The Rocks 3. Study within a tourist destination

Students will undertake a survey of tourists and compare their results to national tourism market research.

Appreciate the value of  appropriate market research methodologies.

Describe how social, cultural, economic and political factors influence the industry.

Identify issues related to Australian tourism.

Enhance skill development in active inquiry methodologies.


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