The Built Environment

Pre Excursion Activities

The ‘Built Environment’ is an environmental program that will teach you about sustainable design of buildings and how heritage buildings can be brought ‘back to life’ by finding a new use for them (also called adaptive reuse). You will be working as part of a design team to develop a design for a derelict heritage building in the city and transform it into a new exhibition centre that will teach people about climate change. Your teacher will be guiding you through the following activities which you should complete before your excursion.

  1. Read the Design Brief. This is a document developed by an organisation to tell designers, who want to win a contract, exactly what their design task is.
  2. View historical information about the Former Meteorological Building your team will be redeveloping.
  3. Form your design team and give it a name.  As there are four design tasks, there should preferably be four designers per team (your teacher will tell you what team you are in). Allocate one of the four design tasks to each member. If there are more than 4 team members, the extra team members will help design the exhibition item. The four tasks are: Completing a Google Sketchup 3D model of the building, completing a floor plan of part of the building using Home design on an ipad, completing a landscape plan on A3 paper and designing one exhibition item (like a model, poster, display panel or banner) to be displayed in the building.
  4. Read the information about Designing a Logo and as a team, develop a logo for the new Sydney Climate Change Centre.
  5. Read the information about sustainable design of buildings
  6. Familiarise yourself with any software you will be using like google sketchup, floor planner or drawing software.

For exhibition item designers, it is recommended you bring your own laptop if possible, to use on the excursion day.

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