Place and Liveability

Place and Liveability” is a Stage 4 Geography fieldwork program focusing on the Key Inquiry Question of ‘What approaches can be used to improve the liveability of places’?

Students will use the Harold Park, Rozelle Bay, and White Bay Power Station (Balmain) site to:

  • Identify characteristics of places considered highly liveable
  • Examine a range of strategies to enhance liveability
  • Assess the role of governments, non government organisations, communities and individuals in enhancing liveability
  • Propose strategies to improve liveability of a place in Australia

Integrating the ‘Sustainability’ cross curriculum priority is a feature of the program.

The program has three main components:

  1. Introductory activities and web based resources to introduce the students to the program
  2. A full day’s fieldwork at Harold Park, Rozelle Bay and The White Bay Power Station
  3. Follow up activities to enhance Geographic and Sustainability knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

During the full day fieldwork excursion, students will:

  • Acquire, process and communicate geographic information to answer a fieldwork question.
  • Learn basic geographic tools including maps, line drawings, photo interpretation etc
  • Construct a liveability index to assess areas within the study site
  • Use cameras to document their fieldwork activities
  • Undertake a guided tour of the White Bay Power Station with Urban Growth NSW Staff
  • Develop a plan for the White Bay Power station site to improve liveability.

The program supports the S4 Geography Syllabus ‘Place and Liveability’ topic including:

  • Influences and perception of liveability
  • Ways people influence places and contribute to sustainability
  • The role of government agencies, communities and individuals in improving liveability


Enquiries: Phone: Observatory Hill EEC on 9247 7321

Email: [email protected]

The fieldwork program will focus on The Bays Precinct, Sydney which includes sites such as the heritage-listed White Bay Power Station, Wentworth Park, Glebe Island, White Bay, Rozelle Bay, Rozelle Rail Yards and Blackwattle Bay, including the Sydney Fish Market. The urban transformation of The Bays Precinct will provide the kind of places, spaces and connections that support economic development and growth, encourage innovation and attract the jobs of the future.

Observatory Hill EEC is partnering with UrbanGrowth NSW to deliver this program.

Risk Assessment
Download a Pro Forma to help you prepare your excursion Risk Assessment.

Pre Excursion Activities

Successful fieldwork visits have direct links to current classroom learning. Pre-visit activities carried out prior to the excursion will help students better understand their excursion content and provide links with classroom learning. Examples of pre-visit activities include:

  • Have students visit the Bays Precinct Vision and the White Bay Power Station Destination
  • Locate The Bays Precinct on Google Earth and discuss its position in relation to the CBD and greater Sydney
  • Visit The bays precinct on the NSW Government’s 6 Maps website and view the 1943 imagery to see how the landuse in the Bay has changed over time. Imagery is found under Base Maps (top right corner). Choose ‘Looking for 1943 imagery’ and slide the slider to toggle between 1943 and the current map. Discuss what has changed and what remains the same.

Follow up Activities

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