Changing Places – Australia’s Urban Future

Previsit activities and post excursion resources

To help students better understand the geographical concepts during their fieldwork, it is recommended they complete the pre-visit and follow-up activities below. These could be set as a homework or class task. Please ensure they complete these and bring their workbook on the fieldwork day..

Fieldwork Question – “Describe and evaluate how Barangaroo contributes to the creation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable urban places.

A. Student Pre-visit activities

1. Definitions

Economic Sustainability – Using resources in the best way so that a business can continue indefinitely into the future. Within businesses it means using the assets of a company efficiently so it continues to function profitably

Social sustainability – The ability of a community to develop things it needs for its current members, and future generations, to maintain a healthy community.

Environmental sustainability – Providing and maintaining features (and actions) that help create healthy environments for the future

2. View the film clip  Metro strategy 2030

3. Geography Terms – Define each of the following terms (these terms will be used on your excursion)

Urban sprawl

The continuous outward growth of cities from the centre.

Urban Consolidation

Is the process of increasing density of people per square kilometre in established residential areas in order to reduce growth on the edge of the city.

Urban renewal

Is the revitalisation of older run down areas of a city by building new infrastructure, buildings and public amenities.


A way of renewing an area involving wealthier people buying older homes and businesses and conserving or restoring them to live and work in.

Urban Decay

The process where areas of a city or individual buildings begin to run down and deteriorate due to neglect or lack of money.

4.  View the film clip ‘The Beauty of Barangaroo’ at

Describe some economic social and environmental benefits mentioned.

5. Visit the NSW Land and Property Information Six Maps website to view a current, and historical (1943) map of the suburb. Type Barangaroo into the search box (top left). Click the base maps icon (top right) and ‘Looking for 1943 Imagery / Sydney 1943 imagery. Slide the scroll bar on the right to move between current and historic views. Describe the main change along the shoreline between 1943 and today.

B. Follow-up excursion resources

  1. Visit the SMH Website, ‘Millers Point – under the hammer‘ to learn more about the issues effecting the Millers Point community.
  2. View the Youtube clip Who is Millers Point and ‘The Project‘ clip to learn about a major issue affecting the community. Further information about the Millers Point community can also be found at the Friends of Millers Point community website.
  3. View the film clip, ‘Celebrating Sydney as a great place to live work and visit’ at: to learn more about strategies for economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  4. Visit the Discover Barangaroo website, and use the bottom menu to explore the urban dynamics of change transforming the precinct.
  5. Lendlease Completes first wooden office
  6. View the Barangaroo Interactive Plan
  7. Now: Answer the Fieldwork Question

“Describe and evaluate how Barangaroo contributes to the creation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable urban places.


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