Changing Places

 – Australia’s Urban Future

Changing places supports Stage 5 Geography and focuses on the topic ‘Australia’s Urban future’ and the Key Inquiry Question of ‘What strategies are used to manage environmental change in urban places to enhance sustainability’?

Students will use fieldwork sites in Barangaroo and Millers Point to:

  • Learn about implications of Australia’s projected population for the future growth and sustainability of places
  • Assess strategies to create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable urban places
  • Describe ways for individuals and communities to contribute to a sustainable urban future
  • Acquire and process geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for enquiry
  • Communicate geographical information using a range of strategies
  • Develop Geographic inquiry skills including:

Acquiring – what is where?

Processing – why is it there?

Communicating – why care?

  • Answer a fieldwork question ‘Describe and evaluate how Barangaroo contributes to the creation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable urban places.

Integrating the ‘Sustainability’ Cross Curriculum Priority is a feature of the program.

The program has three main components:

  1. Introductory activities and web based resources
  2. A full day fieldwork excursion at Barangaroo and Millers Point
  3. Follow up activities to enhance Geographic and Sustainability knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

During the full day fieldwork excursion, students will:

  • Acquire, process and communicate geographic information to answer a fieldwork question.
  • Learn basic geographic tools including mapping, field sketching, photo interpretation etc.
  • Record evidence of economic, environmental and social sustainability within the study site
  • Undertake a basic Environmental Impact Study
  • Use cameras to document their fieldwork activities
  • Undertake a tour of Millers Point to learn about the NSW Department of Housing’s decision to sell off public housing, and its implications for social sustainability
  • Complete a land use transect

Risk Assessment Pro Forma – Changing Places

Student pre-visit activities and follow-up resources

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes Students will be able to: Fieldwork in Action
Pre-visit activities, to be completed in your school before the excursion Website investigation

Students view information and answer questions about:

  • Sydney’s projected population growth
  • The case study areas, Barangraroo and Millers Point
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • Become familiar with the study areas and the urban processes operating there.
  • Identify the key concepts of economic, social and environmental sustainability
 barangaroo central
Barangaroo South Fieldwork Overview
Students will

  • be orientated to the study site
  • understand the geographic question for enquiry
  • Locate the study site on a map
  • Assess Barangaroo South for economic, social and environmental outcomes
  • Conduct a survey of liveability outcomes
  • Investigate and plan an inquiry to address a geographical question
  • Use geographical tools for inquiry including maps, fieldwork and visual representations
  • Identify ways people influence places and manage environmental change in urban places to enhance sustainability
Barangaroo Reserve Barangaroo Reserve – Nawi Cove
Students will

  • Complete a basic Environmental Impact Study of Central Barangaroo
  •  Collect and record relevant geographical data and information to asses environmental sustainability
 Barangaroo Webcam
Barangaroo Reserve Barangaroo Reserve – Nawi Cove
Students will:

  • Complete a field sketch of central and southern Barangaroo
  • Complete a land use mapping activity
  • Consolidate their understanding of geographic tools and skills including map reading and field sketching.
 Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 6.33.41 PM
Munn Street Reserve Millers Point Walsh Bay / Millers Point

  • Students will complete a social sustainability assessment of Millers Point to learn about the government policies resulting in gentrification and social change in the suburb.
  • Draw conclusions about the effects of government policies for gentrification and social sustainability, and understand how this is effecting the area’s social sustainability.
Kent St Land Use transect

  • Students will complete a land use transect along Kent St to observe the effects of gentrification and its impact on the suburb’s social sustainability.
  • Consolidate their understanding of geographic tools and skills including constructing a land use transect.
  • examine strategies that impact on social sustainability

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