Supporting Student Sustainability Leadership

Course Code RG03388

Course Aim:

This 4 hour NESA Registered course, builds capacity for teachers to support and empower their school’s student environmental leaders to effectively develop and run school and community environmental projects.

Course Content:

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Welcome – Acknowledgement of Country

1 Keynote: Supporting best practice sustainability leadership in schools – Examples of strategies and resources to support student sustainability projects (30 mins)

2 The DoE Sustainability Action Process (SAP) – a pedagogy for teaching sustainability (60 mins)

  • Making the case for change
  • Defining the scope for action
  • Developing the proposal for action
  • Implementing the proposal
  • Evaluating and reflecting

3 Recess (25 mins)

Hands-on workshop demonstrations of school sustainability initiatives – Practical examples of ways to improve sustainably in schools (2 x 30 mins workshops on waste, water, energy, biodiversity, Kitchen Gardens etc) EEC and community sustainability providers

4 Developing student leadership skills – How to inspire, motivate and give students opportunities to build leadership skill (40 mins)

  • How to run student-led environment team meetings
  • How to fundraise and apply for grants
  • How to choose your projects
  • How to gain support from the school executive
  • How to promote your ideas to the school community
  • How to make your club engaging and fun
  • How to make measurable objectives and evaluate your success

5 Lunch (30 mins)

6 Forum discussions – Participant sharing session to discuss effective strategies teachers have implemented or plan to implement in their schools (30 mins)

7 Action Planning Projects – Developing school / community sustainability projects. (20 mins)

Close and evaluations

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Course Resources:


School Enviro Cub Manual

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