Fieldwork for Secondary Teachers

Course Code RG00333

Any new scheme teachers that accompany students on an excursion with Observatory Hill EEC have the opportunity of adding 4 hours of non-registered training to their records. Log onto MyPL under Course Code RG00333 – Fieldwork for Secondary Teachers to enroll.
Participants are expected to participate in the excursion with their students and the hours are confirmed following attendance at the excursion.

Fieldwork programs offered by the centre which qualify for the registered course include:

  • Building Better Cities – Stage 6 Geography
  • Tourism – Stage 6 Geography
  • Millers Point – Stage 5 Geography
  • Making Maritime Memories – Stage 5 Visual Arts
  • Waterfront Workout – Stage 5 Geography
  • Big Build Up – Stage 4 Design & Technology

Some Special Projects also qualify under this course please check with the centre

  • Eco-Urbia – a cross curricular design project for Year 10
  • Scientist for a Day – Stage 4 Science
  • Sydney Harbour – investigating an estuary for Year 10 Science


Step 1: Advise the centre that you wish to be accredited for your fieldwork at the time of booking. We will then schedule a course event for you (allow a couple of days for processing of your request) for the day of your fieldwork. Email Observatory Hill EEC [email protected] using your DET email with the following details: full name, employee number, school and date of your booked fieldwork and fieldwork program.

Step 2: Register as a participant. Go [email protected], under MY Applications on the DET Intranet. Search for your scheduled event under course code RG00333, under Observatory Hill EEC with the date corresponding to your excursion day. Register for the course.

Step 3: Once registered, we will confirm your registration on-line in [email protected] and you will receive an email to confirm this. Please get back if no email is forthcoming.

NB: The 4 hours accreditation for this course can only be accredited once, as the methodology is generic for planning fieldwork 7-12 for all programs offered by EECs.

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