The Rocks – Stage 3

Colonial People, Places and Events

This program supports the Stage 3 History Syllabus, particularly ‘The Australian Colonies’ content. The program also supports learning across the curriculum in ‘Sustainability Education’ and ‘Information and Communication Technology Capabilities’.

Students will take part in a variety of pre-visit tasks to familiarise them with the history and heritage of The Rocks. They will then visit various sites in The Rocks that will be used to focus attention on colonial people, places and events during the 1800’s. The program takes the form of a fun and engaging mystery hunt for clues about important people, places and events that shaped Australia’s identity during the colonial period. Students will work in supervised teams and use iPads to create a book creator file that documents their investigations of the following people places and events. These files will be sent back to school following the fieldwork.

  1. The establishment of the NSW colony by Captain Arthur Phillip
  2. Convicts like Francis Greenway and John Cadman
  3. Chinese immigration and the impact of gold discoveries in The Rocks and Australia
  4. Local gangs like The Rocks Push
  5. Daily life of The Rocks residents in 1880 -1900
  6. The effects of the Bubonic Plague on The Rocks and Sydney
  7. Jack Mundy and the growth of the environmental movement

The program will allow students to:

  • describe different cultural influences and their contribution to Australian identities
  • explain the significance of particular places, actions and events in the past to develop Australia’s identity and heritage.
  • explain and evaluate the significance of The Rocks as a heritage site.
  • understand the interactions of people with their environment and the necessity of caring for and conserving a feature or site
  • create a collage of the site study using ipads. Images will be emailed back to the class teacher.

Risk Assessment Pro Forma – The Rocks Stage 3

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