The Rocks – Stage 3

– Colonial People, Places and Events

Pre Excursion Webquest Activities

Complete the following webquest activities in your Student Activity Booklet to help you better understand the information on your excursion.

1. View the film clip – Rocks Ramble – The Big Picture and list important the events and dates shown in your workbook.
2. View the City Of Sydney’s Aboriginal Barani – First Contact exhibition and answer the questions in your workbook.
3. View the Museum of Sydney’s virtual exhibition Why were convicts transported to Australia and answer the question in your workbook.
4. Visit the My Place For Teachers website and view the following film clips to examine the daily life of colonial children. Choose one child and describe the ways that child’s life would be different to your own in your workbook.

5. Your teacher will divide your class into 10 teams and allocate your team a decade (10 years) between 1800 and 1900. Visit the My Place For Teachers website and click on to the decade timeline. Visit your teams decade (given to your by your teacher) and read and write down the main historical events (particularly those related to Sydney) of your decade. You will find this information mainly under the Decade Snapshot and the Society and Culture tabs. Work as a team to present this information to the rest of the class.

6. Extension Activity: View the State Records virtual exhibition Around The Rugged Rocks. This exhibition contains historical pictures, documents and maps from The Rocks at differing time periods. Read the ‘Themes’ section to understand how the Rocks has changed over time and view real historical documents related to The Rocks.

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