The Rocks – Stage 2

– Contact, Community and Change

This program is designed to support the new NSW K-10 History Syllabus. The program focuses on the ‘First Contacts‘ and ‘Community and Remembrance’ History content. The program also supports learning across the curriculum in Sustainability Education.

Students will learn about the lives of four children who lived in The Rocks at different times through story telling, playing games and making toys typical of each time period. Students will investigate the everyday lives of children during colonial times and how each child interacted with their environment. This will be contrasted with a typical child from modern times to further explore how lifestyles have changed.

The program will allow students to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding about people and cultures from different times and places with a focus on childhood experiences
  • develop an understanding of the establishment of the NSW colony
  • encourage literacy skills in talking and listening.
  • understand peoples impact on the environment, and how they use it, has changed over time.
  • develop an understanding of the inter-connections between people, cultures, societies and environments
  • interact with components of the environment using sensory awareness techniques

Risk Assessment Pro Forma – The Rocks Stage 2

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Fieldwork in Action
First Fleet Park 1. Aboriginal Period Pre 1788
A. ‘Gunyarrah And The Turtle’ Story
B. Palm braiding
  • develop an awareness of the culture, family roles and lifestyles of others
  • develop fine motor skills
  • develop listening skills
  • develop an understanding and empathy with aboriginal childhood pastimes
Cadman’s Cottage and Park 2. Convict Period Circa 1816

A. ‘James’ Big Adventure’ Story

B. Convict era games


  • describe and explain effects of British colonisation in Australia
  • describes people, events and actions related to world exploration and its effects
Susannah Place and Cambridge St 3. Colonial Period Circa 1900

A. ‘Bertie Gets Into Trouble’ story

B. School days relay game

C. Whirligig making

  • describe and explain how daily life has changed over time
  • develop listening skills
  • develop fine motor skills
Sussanah Place (only on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays and a fee does apply). 4. Susannah Place visit

A. Students will undertake a guided tour of Susannah Place by Sydney Living Museum staff

  • appreciate the way people lived and worked in the past
  • understand changes in community and family life
  • evaluate the effects of these changes on different individuals, groups and environments
Observatory Hill 5. Modern Period
A. ‘Brooke’s Birthday Surprise’ story

B. Modern games

C. Mystery bag activity

  • compare and contrast present and past lifestyles, particularly their effects on the environment
  • sequence historical periods into a timeline.

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