Taking Care of Our Place

This geography incursion program focuses on the K-S1 topics; People live in places and Features of places. The focus of this program is to develop a caring attitude towards the environment amongst students. The program emphasises ways that students can contribute to environmental quality at home and at school, by undertaking simple actions that reduce their impact on the environment in both the school and home.

The program will allow students to:

  • investigate features of places (using the the school environment) to develop knowledge and understanding about the natural and built environment
  • gain an understanding of how their actions can help improve the environmental quality of their school
  • create opportunities for themselves to demonstrate a caring attitude towards the environment
  • investigate impacts of human activity on the natural environment.

Please note, this program is for Sydney Region schools only and all the activities will take place in your school.

Risk Assessment Pro Forma – Taking Care Of Our Place

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Fieldwork in Action
In the classroom in your school Taking Care of Our Place     

Students will locate their school on a google map, take part in an interactive story and learn an accompanying song about sustainable practices.

Identify various ways they can help the environment at home and at school

Understand the impact of people on the environment

Develop visual expression and communicate by making an artwork

In the classroom in your school Storm water model             

Students watch a demonstration of a storm water model to understand the process of storm water pollution.

Understand the causes of storm water pollution and how to care for storm water


Around the grounds of your school Schoolyard investigation            

Students will investigate the school buildings and grounds in order to identify and tally positive and negative ground and resource management practices

Understand sustainable environmental management practices at home and at school


In the classroom in your school Chatter Pix

Students use iPads to create an environmentally friendly message

 Communicate geographical information and use geographical tools for enquiry


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