Spaceship Earth

Note: This program is offered by a number of Environmental Education Centres. To help us reduce our ecological footprint, schools should choose the Centre that is closest to them. As a guide Observatory Hill EEC services the following council areas; Botany Bay, Canterbury, Leichhhardt, Marrickville, North Sydney, Rockdale, Sydney and Waverley, Woollahra.

Spaceship Earth is an Environmental Education teaching program for students in Stage 2 and is designed to stimulate students and create an awareness of the life support systems on earth. Spaceship Earth is supported by a complete Stage 2 Science-based unit of work that enables the students to investigate some of the problems which the human passengers have caused and asks them to make a commitment to reduce their personal impact on the planet. The students begin their journey when they are sent a letter and a space capsule.

The letter is from the mysterious space traveller, Snook who will guide them on their journey to discover more about Spaceship Earth.

This incursion program focuses on HSIE, Science & Technology and Creative Arts to support the COGS framework for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1. The Our Place, and Local Places string will be supported with a hands on approach to caring for the environment.

Learning Experiences
This program is a complete unit of work covering approximately half a term and includes a full set of resources and program documentation.

Phase 1 – Spaceship Earth and its Passengers (3-4 weeks at school)

Phase 2 – Exploring Spaceship Earth (1 day at Balls Head Reserve, Waverton or local bushland close to your school)

Snook introduces the students to the bushland environment – that part of Spaceship Earth they will be exploring on the day. To assist them to complete their ‘Survivor Manual’, the students undertake a variety of fun and hands-on activities in the bushland surroundings to help understand the planet on which they live, the other passengers that rely on it and the responsibility they have to look after Spaceship Earth.

Phase 3 – Becoming a Good Passenger on Spaceship Earth (2 weeks at school).

To find out more about the program, download a Teachers Information Presentation (not for student viewing).

View teachers introduction document.

Risk Assessment Pro Forma Spaceship Earth

Program Outcomes

A full set of learning experiences are listed in the unit of work
As an example, Outcomes for Phase 2 include:

Science HSIE

  • describe some changes in the earths surface that have occurred over time.


  • describes how regular changes between the sun and the Earth cause regular changes


  • life cycles


  • the effect of human actions on the environment. Students Investigate the role of living things in a habitat
  • eg plants as producers and microbes as decomposers.

  • Describes people’s interactions with
    environments and identifies
    responsible ways of interacting with


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