Come to the Party

This incursion program is designed to support the K-6 History Syllabus for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students. It focuses on the Personal and family histories and Past and present family life outcomes.

Throughout the day, students will participate in story telling and party activities that focus on three different periods in time: the present, around 1880 (Victorian times) and the 1960s. Old fashioned craft activities and traditional and contemporary games will be used to:

  • link the past and the present
  • show continuity and change by encouraging interaction, empathy and participation from students.

The program will allow students to:

  • develop an understanding of past customs and celebrations through craft activities and games
  • develop knowledge and understanding about customs from different times, that is, the Victorian and 1960s
  • understand and appreciate the differences and similarities which exist between the lifestyles of children in the past and those of today
  • develop positive attitudes towards cultures and customs as part of the wider social environment
  • develop an appreciation of the contribution of the past to the present, especially culture, customs and celebrations

Risk Assessment Proforma – Come to the Party – Incursion

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Activity Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Fieldwork in Action
1 Story Telling – ‘Wishes’

An introduction to celebrations and traditions. Students listen to a story of a fictitious boy who visits three different time periods. This sets the scene for the activities that follow

Develop listening skills and an understanding of celebrations, traditions and life in the past.  image-61473
2 Taste in Time

Selected students are blindfolded and are invited to identify different drinks and lollies

Identify food and drinks reminiscent of particular eras  image-61510
3 Family Tree

Students help build the family tree of a fictitious boy called Jack.

Understand basic family relationships and concepts (genealogy)  image-61517
4 Treasure Chest

Students match heirlooms given to Jack and his sister to family members

Understand the importance of preserving family history through heirlooms  image-61529
5 Party Games

Students play a range of old fashioned games games including Tug of War, Quoits and Hurrying Hoop

Participate in game playing of present and bygone times  image-61538
5 Story Telling – ‘Party Poopers

A story sets the scene for a game called ‘Best Dressed’, where students participate in a dress-up game with clothes from different periods

Selected students participate in an imaginative recreation by dressing in clothing different from their own whilst playing a relay game  image-61548
6 Party Presents

Students use craft materials to make puppets as used in the story “Wishes”

Use craft materials to create puppets reminiscent of bygone eras  image-61557

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