Built Environments

Investigating Science and Technology in the Built Environment

‘This program focuses on the Stage 3 Science and Technology Built Environment Strand, particularly how people interact within built environments, and the factors considered in their design and construction. Students will visit two built environments, Barangaroo and The Rocks, to identify how people interact with them for a range of purposes, and to identify factors considered in their design.

The program has three main components:

  1. Introductory activities and resources to introduce the students to the topic and to learn about sustainable building design principles
  2. A whole day fieldwork experience in Barangaroo and The Rocks. During the fieldwork day, students will:
  • Visit Barangaroo South and Reserve to learn about how built environments are designed to meet the needs of users
  • Visit The Rocks (including the Rocks Museum) to see how the design and use of places and spaces has changed over time due to a number of factors.
  1. Follow up activities to enhance skills in working scientifically and working technologically including generating and developing ideas as to how Barangaroo Central might be designed and constructed to meet the needs of future users.

Syllabus Links

Science and Technology outcomes:

  • Working Technologically
  • Working Scientifically
  • The Built Environment

And the cross curriculum content of:

  • Sustainability
  • Information and communication technology
Risk Assessment Pro Forma – Built Environments
TBC Pre-Visit Activities and Resources

Summary of Learning Sites, Activities and Student Outcomes

Learning Site Activity Student Outcomes Students will be able to: Fieldwork in Action
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1. Pre-visit Activities

Students work through the pre-visit activities and write their results and answers on their Student Activity Booklet

  • Develop their skills in working technologically by undertaking a design task involving the built environments and addressing a design brief.
Barangaroo South



2. Barangaroo South

Students will identify ways Barangaroo South and Barangaroo Reserve have been designed to to met the needs of workers, residents and visitors.


  • identify elements that work together to as a system to serve and support built environments
  • Appreciate the importance of environmental considerations when designing in the built environment.
 barangaroo 2014

The Rocks

Rocks Discovery Museum

3. The Rocks 

Students will investigate ways the design and use of places and spaces have changed over time and the social and environmental factors that have influenced these changes

View the various design elements in an adaptively reused heritage buildings and classify them into aesthetic, cultural, safety, functional and sustainability categories.

  • Develop an appreciation of the role of design and technology in shaping built environments and evaluate a built environment in order to recognise the design considerations of aesthetics, culture, safety, functionality and sustainability.
 Discovery Museum
Back at School
4. Follow up

Students will work to a design brief to redesign Baranagaroo Central to meet the specific and/or environmental needs of users.

  • Select and use techniques for documenting and communicating design ideas including modeling and digital technologies.

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