Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an event where communities across Australia come together to be part of the solution to the problem of climate change.

Beyond Earth Hour – Developing a school energy saving campaign

Observatory Hill EEC has developed a toolkit called The Heat Is On to help groups of High School students in Environment Clubs, Youth Environment Networks or SRC’s promote energy efficiency in their schools. (some resources are also suitable for Primary School use)

The toolkit explains climate change and ways students in public schools across N.S.W can contribute towards promoting energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint Beyond Earth Hour. The resource can also help school sustainability and environment committees plan an energy efficiency campaign.

City of Sydney and Testing & Certification Australia funded one kit for every NSW DEC secondary school. Secondary schools can request their copy (one per school) by emailing the centre at¬†observhill-e.scho[email protected]. Alternatively, the Kit is available to download below.

Click on the chapter number below to view each chapter (Please allow a few minutes for each to load).

Chapter 1

Schools working towards energy efficiency

Chapter 2

Climate change: a crash course

Chapter 3

Youth Environment Networks

Chapter 4

How to promote a sustainability project in your school

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More Energy Efficiency Support


Webgraphs are a fantastic way you track your school energy use. Most schools are connected to Webgraphs which is a service supplied by Energy Australia. You can easily see how much energy you have been using for a given period and print it out on a graph. By using this service you can quickly and easily see how effective your campaign has been in improving energy efficiency in your school. To access Webgraphs you will need to know your school user name and password. Principals have these details. Principals can also call Energy Australia’s Media Department on 1300 760 626 to access their school’s username and password.



Observatory Hill EEC Resources

Listed below are a range of resources that may help you and your school become more energy efficient.

DEC Resources

Environmental and Zoo Education Education Centres РFor more resources about promoting energy efficiency in schools, search under Teaching Resources and Sustainability Action Process

Other Support

Australian Youth Climate Coalition – AYCC

This organisation aims to educate and mobilise young Australians to take action on climate change.